Secret Venice





You can do pretty much what you like with your result : signatures, websets, paper

 Give Credits to Tchalange PSP 4 ALL


I have added this guiding hand. You can click on it and move it to use as a marker.


 I work with PSP 12





You can use a  tube of your choice, free or not, but credit for it must be added to your tag.



I used a tube Alicia Mujica , licence here Alicia Mujica


Scrapkit: Kirstys Scraps >>>>> KISM-TS-VeniceAtMidnight: here Sunday, 5 September 2010


Masks :  Designs by Vaybs >>>>>>Masks 91 - 104 >>>> DBVMask97 et mask 20/20


Filter Eye Candy 4>>>>> gradiant glow



Font: Al Sandra, Tagettes and TagettesPlus Pixelette for credits



For members of PSP 4 ALL

Please join your tag  as attachment (with the same backgroud for my results page), thanks !


It's a black and white kit, you may keep as I did or colorize all the elements if you want.



Step 1


Open a new transparent image  755 x 765 and fill  with #ffffff, it's the color I will use on  the Results page of the group.


 Step 2 : The mask


Open KISM-VeniceAtMidnight-Glitter5.  You can also colorize it as I did.

Open a new raster. Copy and paste in selection.

Open and apply DBVMask97, New Masks layer  >>>> from image. Merge group.



Step 3 : Mirror


Open KISM-VeniceAtMidnight-Mirror, copy and paste as a new layer. Take the lasso tool, free hand, and draw the outline of the black background.



Cut and copy as a new layer. Place this layer under the mirror.



Open  paper KISM-VeniceAtMidnight-Paper4, copy and paste as a new layer. Apply twice the mask 20/20. Place this layer under the frame. Take your magic wrand and click inside the mirror.

Keep the selection.

Open your tube. Copy and paste as a new layer, Selection >>>> invert, supprim. Place as I did if you want.




Place this layer under the mirror, above the paper.

You need copy the tube twice if you want to see the legs behind the balcony (see above)


Step 4 : Scrap kit Elements and tube


you need to close the balcony raster to work easily



You can sharpen all the elements after resizing in adjust. Adjust >>>sharpness>>>unsharp mask

(4/40/4). You can also colorize them to suit with your tube.

Apply a drop shadow of your choice or mine :


V=4    O=50

            H=4    F= 5     black



KISM-VeniceAtMidnight-Fabric, 25%, place bottom left under the mirror.


KISM-VeniceAtMidnight-Fan, 80%,  rotate right 32, place  bottom right under the mirror.


KISM-VeniceAtMidnight-Swan, 60%, place as I did, bottom right in front of the mirror.


KISM-VeniceAtMidnight-Light, place bottom left in the curtain.


KISM-VeniceAtMidnight-Mask, 40%, rotate left 32, place bottom left the light.


KISM-VeniceAtMidnight-Leaves1 et KISM-VeniceAtMidnight-Leaves2, 70%, colorize if you want, duplicate, miiror effect, reverse as you like and place as you like on each side of the mirror.


KISM-VeniceAtMidnight-Cloud, 50%, place top right of the tag..



Add other elements if you want.


Place your tube one more time if you want.


Step 5 : Text


Use a  font of your choice. Mine is AL Sandra, 72, anti-aliasing net, white

Write my text : secret or yours


With Tagettes plus or yours write my text or yours  "Venice", 100, anti-aliasing net, black


Apply filter Eye candy 4, gradiant glow  with these settings ( fat checked, 3 + color  white )



Add your credits on your tag with a small font such as pixelette in size 6 or 8, anti-aliasing disabled.

Save your tag in jpg or PNG, don't forget to use the optimizer.


Alicia Mujica LDS 767