You can do pretty much what you like with your result: signatures, websets, stationery

 Please give Credits to Tchalange PSP 4 ALL



I have added this guiding hand. You can click on it and move it to use as a marker.


 I work with PSP 12




You can use a  tube of your choice, free or not, but credit for it must be added to your tag.


I used a tube  Rachel Anderson, you can buy a licence here CDO

If you can, find a tube with the image included.


Scrapkits : Bubble's Dream : flirty May and May-spring, here >>>>> flirty and may-spring


Mask :  Weescotlass Creations, mask WSL_Mask249 and  Vix PSP : mask Vix_Mask37 >>>>> Vix masks 26-50, here


Filters : Eye candy 5 >>>> Glass, Eye Candy 4 ou 5 >>>> gardiant Glow,>>>>VTR2, Italian Editors Effect >>>> vignetta


Font :   Wendy medium, Vitamin and Pixelette for credits



For members of PSP 4 ALL

Please attach your result (and use the same background as me -  for my results page), thanks !





Step 1


Open an image  750 x 640 and fill it with white, it is the color I will use on  the Results page of the group.


Step 2 : The masks


Add a layer. Fill it with this color : #cde8cd or a color of your tube. Open WSL_Mask249 >>>New Masks layer  >>>> from image. Merge group. Do the same thing with Vix_Mask37, add a layer, fill with a  darker color of your choice or mine : #82a78c



Step 3 : The frame


Open Frame 4 in Flirty May. Resized to 85%. Copy and paste as a new layer. Reverse and duplicate. Place as I did. Cut the excess of the bows if you want.



Step 4 : Inside the frame


Take your magic wrand and click inside the frame, inside the right side.

Open the image of your tube or a paper + your tube, copy and paste as a new layer. Invert and hit delete. Select none.

Place this raster under the frame.


Repeat  for the left side of the frame. Take Paper3 in Flirty May, copy and paste as a new layer. Invert and hit delete. Select none.

Place this raster under the frame. Stay on this raster:

Apply the filter Italian Editors Effect >>>> vignetta with these settings:



Then apply>>>>VTR2:



Apply this drop shadow on the frames:


V=2    O=30

           H=2    F= 6    black



Step 5: Scrap kit Elements and tube


You can sharpen all the elements after resizing in adjust and also color them to suit.


Apply a drop shadow :


V=2    O=30

           H=2    F= 6     black



Open Bow5 in the kit "Flirty may",copy and paste as new layer. Place at the bottom of the frames. Adjust with the tool selection



Open Flower3 in "Flirty may", resized to 55%. Copy, paste and duplicate, place as I did.


Open Beads_Curtain3 in "Flirty may", resized to 70%. Copy and place in the left corner, under the barrier. Cut the excess.


Open Butterfly2 in "Flirty may", resized to 30% then 15%. free rotation 28 left. Duplicate, mirror.

Place where you want.


Open Bee in "Flirty may", resized to 25%. Place where you want.


Open Charm in "Flirty may", resized to 35%, place as I did or where you like.


Open MayFlower_branch in "may spring", resized to 50%, place in the left side of the frame. Low the opacity to 50.


Open Sparkles2 in "may spring", place above all the layers.


Open Sparkles in "Flirty may", place above the frames layers.


Add any other elements if you want. Our Anglo-Saxon or Spanish friends may want to add other flowers than lily of the valley.


Place your tube with the same drop shadow.


Step 6: the text


Use the fonts of your choice. Mine are wendy medium and Vitamin.


With wendy medium, write my text : "pretty month" on a layer and  "of" on an another layer , 72, anti-aliasing net, with your color.






Rotate your text slightly as I did, do the same with "of"

Apply Eye Candy 4, gradient Glow with these settings ( fat checked ): white color or one of your choice


Apply the same drop shadow.




With the Vitamin font , write my text: "may", 100, anti-aliasing net, in black.

Selections >>>Select All>>> float >>>> defloat, open your tube image or your tube or flowers photos, copy and paste as a new layer, then Selection >>>> invert >>> delete. Select none.

Convert to Raster Layer and delete the black text.

Apply Eye Candy 5 >>>>> glass



Apply Eye Candy 4, gradient Glow with the same settings as before.

Apply the same drop shadow.


Add your credits on your tag with a small font such as pixelette in size 6 or 8, anti-aliasing disabled.

Save your tag in jpg or PNG, don't forget to use the optimizer.



Rachel Anderson CDO-1533