You can do pretty much what you like with your result : signatures, websets, paper

 Give Credits to Tchalange http://tchalangepixels.com PSP 4 ALL http://psp4all.com



I have added this guiding hand. You can click on it and move it to use as a marker.


 I work with PSP 12




You can use a  tube of your choice, free or not, but credit for it must be added to your tag.

Scrapkit :



I used a tube © Martin Abel, you can buy a licence here  CDO


Scrapkit : ©chez  Brenda's PSP Designs : freebie "spooked" >>>>> here



Masks : Gemsmask n°120 >>>>>here et chez Kirstys Scraps : mask halloween 7>>>> here


Filter : Eye Candy 4 : gradiant glow


Wordart  : Create with TLC : you are Spooktacular >>>>>>here


Font : Pixelette for credits



For members of PSP 4 ALL

Please join your tag  as attachment (with the same backgroud for my results page), thanks !






Step 1


Open a new transparent image  760 x 770 and fill  with #000000, it's the color I will use on  the Results page of the group.



 Step 2 : The mask


Open a new raster. Fill with #aa1814. Open gemsmasks-120, New Masks layer  >>>> from image. Merge group.


Step 3 : The frame


Open TA-SPOOKED FRAME 2, resized to 80%. Copy and paste as a new layer. Free rotate left 90°.



Step 4 : Inside the frame


Take your magic wrand and click inside the frame. Keep the selection. Add a layer.


Open paper TA-SPOOKED PAPER 6, colorize with red: hue at 252, saturation at 197, copy and paste as a new layer. Keep the selection.

Selection >>>Invert and supprim. Place this layer under the frame. Select none.


Open Kirsty07_Mask_Halloween_7-vi, apply the mask on the paper. New Masks layer  >>>> from image. Merge group.

If you want, you can apply Eye Candy4 >>>>  Gradiant Glow with your settings.


Step 5 : Scrap kit Elements and tube


You can sharpen all the elements after resizing in adjust. Adjust >>>sharpness>>>unsharp mask

(4/40/4). You can also colorize them to suit with your tube.

Apply a drop shadow of your choice.




OpenTA-SPOOKED RED CURTAIN, resized to 60%. Copy and place in the upper side of the frame.


Open TA-SPOOKED MOON, 40%, top left under the curtain


OpenTA-SPOOKED CLOUD, 80%, under the moon


OpenTA-SPOOKED SKULLS, 40%, image>>>mirror, bottom right under the frame


Open TA-SPOOKED COFFIN, 60%, bottom left the frame


Open TA-SPOOKED BOW6, 40%, top right in the corner of the curtain


Open TA-SPOOKED CHARM RED, 28%, on the bow


Open  TA-SPOOKED CROSS, bottom left behind the coffin


Open TA-SPOOKED CAT, 40%, bottom left in front of the coffin


Open TA-SPOOKED GHOST2, 20%, duplicate and place where you like


Open TA-SPOOKED BAT, 60%, image>>>>mirror, place on the moon and the cross


Open TA-SPOOKED LIGHTNING, place in the frame, above the mask


Open TA-SPOOKED BOOK, 40%, bottom right of the frame


Open TA-SPOOKED CANDLE1, 20%, behind the book


Open TA-SPOOKED CAULDRON, 40%, right, behind the frame, above the candle


Open TA-SPOOKED GHOST2, 50%, right, behind the cauldron and the frame. Opacity to 65%


Open TA-SPOOKED DRIPS, 70%, as I did


Add other elements if you want.


Place your tube.


Open the wordart, colorize if you want, 30%, apply Eye Candy Gradiant Glow with your settings and drop shadow if you want.



Add your credits on your tag with a small font such as pixelette in size 6 or 8, anti-aliasing disabled.

Save your tag in jpg or PNG, don't forget to use the optimizer.


Martin Abel CDO-1533